6 Interior Design Trends to Make Your FixFlip Stand Out

When fixing up a house you intend to flip it’s important to think about your potential buyers and ways to make your house stand out from all the other houses they might be considering. Sure, you don’t want to sink a fortune into the house, as that will cut into your profits, but you do want to make the house stand out. You want potential buyers to walk in and take notice. There are a few eye-catching interior design trends that can help you make your house the one that really captures a buyer’s attention.

Non-Matching Cabinets

It might sound strange at first, but more and more people have begun to admire a more bold look in their kitchen. A great way to utilize this trend and really make your kitchen stand out is to use one color for the upper cabinets and another for those below. It’s something new and unique, and people are responding quite well to the originality it brings to the kitchen.

Black Stainless Steel

If you have the budget for stainless steel appliances, which has become something often desired in kitchens, you should consider black stainless steel instead of the traditional. Think back to the days when it was all the rage to have pastel kitchen appliances. Well, now the sought after color is sleek black stainless steel. Wow your potential buyers with this elegant and classy, yet modern looking detail that will demand they stop and take notice.

Formal Dining Rooms

While there was a time not long ago that people often converted their formal dining rooms into other useful spaces such as media rooms or an office, more and more home buyers are once again cherishing the family dinner time. So, stage your home with a traditional dining set and give your potential buyers an idea of what it will be like to sit around the table and have some quality family time.

Bathroom Mirrors

You’re obviously going to add a mirror to each of your bathrooms, but instead of a traditional rectangular mirror, why not make an eye-catching statement? It’s important to remember than a single detail in a home can really make all the difference. You can change a boring space into something worth taking a second glance at simply by changing one small detail, such as a mirror. Consider a bathroom mirror that is a unique shape or color to add a touch of flare to an otherwise dull area of the home.

Matte Finishes

The shiny metallic look is out, and matte glazes are in. Light fixtures that have matte finishes have become more sought out than the shiny or glossy ones that people used to love. So, when purchasing a light fixture for the kitchen or dining room, take a look at a few that don’t shine quite as much.

Wall Color

While it was once true that you should leave the walls neutral in a home that you’re trying to sell, that’s not necessarily the case anymore. More and more home buyers have been seeking out non-traditional colors when it comes to their walls. Browns, whites, and tans are often thought of as boring or mundane. Colors like blue and green are popular wall colors that draw attention and liven up a room, adding more color and a bright feeling that welcomes your potential buyers. It’s a great way to stand out without costing you a fortune or taking up too much of your time.

When fixing and flipping a house there’s more to it than simply “fixing.” You need to go the extra mile to make your house stand out in some way. You want to be the house that a buyer simply can’t forget, the one they can’t stop thinking about. In order to do that, you need to add a few stand out designs like the ones above. So, during your next project, choose one or a few and try them out. If you need help financing your fix and flip, please contact us. We look forward to helping you during your next project.

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