8 Custom Features that Sell a Home Fast

When trying to sell a home, you’ll want your property to stand out from the others in the area. Incorporating some custom features that homebuyers love and cannot always find in every home can increase your chances of selling quickly with a higher price.

High Ceilings

When a potential buyer first enters your house, you don’t want them to feel claustrophobic by a closed-in space. Awe them with high ceilings when possible, even if it’s just in the foyer. The openness will immediately make the home feel bright and spacious. When the square footage is lacking, it’s also quite impressive if you can extend the higher ceilings into the living room or great room.

Exposed Beams

In the central living area of a home, exposed ceiling beams add a stylish flair that some people love. Whether your house design is traditional or contemporary, exposed beams will create a feeling of warmth and coziness with the decor. Opt for natural-looking wood, a lovely stain, or you can even paint the beams to match the color and style of the house.

Separate Laundry Room

Any laundry space in a house is a bonus. But nobody wants to do laundry in a dirty garage or an unfinished basement if they don’t have to. Many homes have hallway laundries or a stackable washer and dryer in the kitchen or bathroom. However, a separate laundry room with space for full-sized machines, storage, and a place to fold clothes or use a drying rack is a feature that most homebuyers prefer.


Having a mudroom in your residence is considered a bonus with homebuyers, especially those with children. No more tripping over things left by the door when people return home after their day. With a separate space to drop and store items, take off dirty shoes, and hang coats, the house stays neater and cleaner, which will make everyone happy.

His and Hers Closets

Enough space to hang and store clothing never seems to exist. Sharing space is often stressful and leads to arguments. With two closets in the master bedroom, homebuyers will immediately take notice and appreciate the separation, even if they aren’t exceedingly spacious. A more substantial size is better, of course, but just having a separate, personal space for your items is a plus.

Double Vanity

Two sinks in the master bathroom is a luxury for homebuyers. Even if the vanity area is small, couples prefer their individual spaces in the bathroom. With two sinks, there’s no waiting to brush your teeth, wash your face, apply makeup, or shave. Both spouses can occupy the bathroom at the same time while getting ready for work or when preparing for an evening out.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most people today love spending time outdoors. Having a beautiful patio with seating where you can talk and entertain is always fabulous. However, having an outdoor kitchen will impress potential homebuyers even more. With a functioning kitchen, entertaining becomes a genuine pleasure for both the homeowner and their guests. The patio will become an extension of the home that is utilized often.

Garage Storage

Everyone has items they need to store. Many of those items are large and bulky such as a lawnmower, yard equipment, and sports paraphernalia, among other things. You generally can’t store these items inside your home, making extra space in the garage crucial. With storage in the garage, you can also keep tools, a workbench, a second freezer, or just cabinets with non-perishable food and other products.

Specific custom features in a home, like those mentioned above, will impress homebuyers and help you sell a residence quickly. The extra investment to include such items can pay off well in the end. If you need funding to help with a residential renovation, please contact us today.