Adding Curb Appeal to Your Fix and Flip Property

The inside of a home is where people spend most of their time, it’s true, but the exterior of a property is what they will see first. When you are working on a fix and flip, it makes sense to work toward a beautiful home with lots of curb appeal, as this will leave a great first impression on prospective buyers without costing a ton of money.

Curb appeal projects generally do not add a lot of value to a home, so fix and flip renovators should not spend too much money on them – save your home improvement loan for a bigger, value-adding interior project! But there are ways to add a beautiful exterior atmosphere to the home without breaking your budget or spending the entirety of your home improvement loan.

A fresh coat of paint on doors, window frames, and other outdoor fixtures goes a long way toward making your fix and flip look shiny and new. Modernize the exterior with new house numbers, mailboxes, and lighting. Functional changes like updated railings on stairs and porches, security lighting, or a doorbell show attention to detail which buyers will note immediately.

You can also easily make a home look more cheerful with some inexpensive landscaping projects – you do not need to plant an all-new garden, but a few potted plants or hanging baskets add color and life to your fix and flip.

With the outside of your fix and flip looking beautiful, you can turn your attention to the interior. Fix and flip loans, or a home improvement loan from a private lender, allow you to focus the big bucks where they count. A private lender will gladly set up investors with fix and flip loans, understanding that the rehab loans they give out are sure to generate a profit that benefits both the private lender and you, the renovator. This gives you more funds for all of your renovations and repairs.

Whether you are just starting out with your first fix and flip project or are an inexperienced investor, it never hurts to get expert advice and assistance from a private lender well-versed in how to make a home improvement loan work for you. Before you start working on your next project – inside or out – contact a private lender to expand your options by securing a fix and flip loan.

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