An Updated Kitchen is the Heart of Any Home Sale

When you’re flipping a house on a tight budget, you’ll want to use your money in areas where you’ll get the most significant return. One of the most critical areas to home-buyers these days is the kitchen. A great kitchen will impress a buyer and sell the home quicker. To ensure that you get the best results possible, make sure that you’re using your money wisely when upgrading this space.


Buyers are looking for upgraded flooring in their kitchen and usually won’t settle for anything less. They want something not only gorgeous but durable, so that it will last for years to come. Investing a little extra on a good-quality tile will impress most people who are looking for a home. Choosing beige, white, or gray-colored tile with a minimal pattern will work with most decors. Wood is another excellent flooring choice. If the expense of hardwood is too much, opt for a high-quality laminate that looks like hardwood.

Fresh Paint

You’ll also want new, clean-looking walls in the kitchen. Fresh paint makes any room look fabulous. Keep the color neutral to allow the home-buyer to add any accent colors that they choose when decorating. Neutral colors will also make the area look more spacious than a darker shade. Be sure the surface of the walls are properly prepared and cleaned before applying paint for the best result. If you want a design with additional flair, consider selecting one area to accent with a deeper-looking color of the same hue used on the rest of the walls.


Here’s where you can save some money if the existing cabinetry is still in decent shape. Instead of entirely replacing the cabinets, just paint the ones that you already have. Also, add new hardware to give the cabinetry an updated look. White or light gray are colors that work well, especially in contemporary homes. For ultra-modern houses, dark gray and even black have become trendy colors of choice. Knobs and handles in brushed nickel will look fabulous or match the color of the hardware to coordinate with the shade of the cabinets.


Families, nowadays, need a pantry that provides convenient storage options. A floor-to-ceiling pantry with maximum shelving works best. However, even if space only exists for a small pantry such as in an island or along a narrow strip in a corner, it’s worth the effort of putting one somewhere in the kitchen. If you want the pantry to stand out a little from the rest of the cabinetry, you can use a different type of wood or paint it a contrasting color from the rest of the cabinets and add distinctive-looking hardware.

Kitchen Island

A good-sized island has become a prominent selling point in homes. Families use islands for preparation space, eating, setting out food when entertaining, doing homework or office work, crafting, and many other things. You’ll want to include the most significant island that the kitchen will accommodate without it overpowering the space or making it hard to move around. Select a gorgeous granite or quartz counter-top for the best return on your investment, even if you’ve opted for a less expensive material for the rest of your counter-tops.

Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home, you’ll want to put the maximum effort into presenting the best impression possible. So if you’re flipping a house and need extra cash for some improvements and a remodel, please contact us today. Our loan programs contain no hidden fees, and we can provide you with next day funding, so you’re able to get started on your renovations as soon as possible.