Curb Appeal that Adds Value to Any Home

When you’re selling a home, the first impression that a buyer receives of the property is the view from the sidewalk. If your curb appeal is lacking, a potential homebuyer might not even want to look inside. However, there are several things that you can do to maximize the curb appeal of any home.


A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Choose neutral colors that can appeal to the most substantial number of homebuyers. For the best result, use two or three coordinating colors. If using two colors, chose one for the walls and one for the trim and doors. If using three colors, use the third color on the front door and garage doors.


Old, worn, or cracked windows immediately downgrade the look of your home. Homebuyers know they’ll need to replace them soon after purchase for a better look and to provide more insulation from the elements. If you’ve already replaced the windows with new ones, nicely painted to match the house, you’ll create an excellent first impression with potential buyers.


To make the outside of your home look like new, you’ll need to install a quality front door and update the garage doors. Upgraded entries will also provide better security for potential homebuyers. Paint the doors the same color as your house trim, or you can take a chance with a bolder color if there’s an interest for that in your area. You can even include lighting above your garage doors, making the property brighter and more secure for when someone arrives home after dark.

Porch Light

Nobody likes to see a rusty, weather-worn, porch light. Invest in a new design that matches the style of your home. Outdoor porch lighting makes it easier to unlock the door at night. Often, a house that’s dark on the outside looks gloomy and uninviting. Illuminating the front door and porch will make the home appear more welcoming and filled with warmth.

Yard Lights

Illuminate the pathway to your front door with lights to further create a friendly and homey atmosphere. It’s a good idea to add lights to a flower bed or in front of individual trees and shrubbery too. Potential homebuyers will often cruise a neighborhood at night to check out the look of the houses, the traffic, and make sure it’s not too noisy after everyone’s home for the day. Lights in your yard will create a fabulous and appealing look.


Make sure the walkway to your front door is not cracked or chipped. A damaged path makes a home look less expensive. Update the design with custom stone for a lovely appearance that all buyers will appreciate. Such a pathway will give the impression of elegance and will add more value to your property. When you add lights on either side, your home will stand out.


Whether you have a single, two-car, or three-car garage, the drive leading up to your garage is a significant feature outside your home, just because it takes up so much room. With the amount of space it occupies, you’ll want it to look its best with no cracks, stains, or other defects. It doesn’t do much good making the outside of your home look beautiful if the concrete appears as if it’s falling apart. So, when necessary, invest a little money to make the driveway look fresh and new.


You don’t want to overpower the look of your home with too many shrubs. Nor do you want to compromise safety by providing places for burglars to hide. To optimize the look and security, choose a few small green or colorful shrubs to add texture and depth. Short shrubs are less stressful to care for, won’t obstruct the windows, and won’t provide hiding places for people or stray animals. Place them in the front of your home with plenty of space between each one. If the area looks too barren, then plant some flowers for a pop of color.

Curb appeal is an important aspect when trying to make a great first impression on today’s homebuyers. If you need extra funds for renovating a home, please contact us today. Our loan programs can provide you with next day funding, so you can start your renovations fast and sell your house quicker.