Developing a Vision for a Rehab Project: From Inspiration to Final Product

Drawing inspiration for your rehab project can be a challenge. There are many decisions to be made in regards to the materials you choose and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. In the end, you want a cohesive and attractive design while keeping your buyers in mind for every step. Consider the neighborhood comparisons while selecting materials for renovations. Choose neutral paint colors, select a unified design scheme, and draw inspiration for the project from wherever you can find it. Developing a vision for your flip involves getting creative without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

Style by Inspiration

A fun way to start off your rehab project is to select one item of decor to inspire each room or even the whole house. Use an antique lamp, fabric swatch, or artwork that speaks to you and consider this item with each design choice. You may have an item that you draw your color inspiration from, a texture like satin or shag that can drive your design, or a photographic print that you can use to guide your vision. Take the item with you when selecting materials to remind you of the desired outcome for the project (or a picture of the item will work if it is too large to bring). Interior designers often create inspiration boards as well to nail down some of the choices and provide guidance for the final result.

Evaluate Comps

Whether this is your first flip or your hundredth, you will want to take a look at other houses for sale in your neighborhood that go for the price you will be looking to sell at. Visit the property and take note of the finishes, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the materials selected. You are likely to notice that empty houses for sale will feature a neutral color palette, and few bolder colors or design choices that may turn some potential buyers off. Staged houses have a real opportunity to enhance the design with furniture and decor to make the space flow and feel more real. Evaluating your comps will allow you to make decisions during the process accordingly. You don’t want to go over the top and waste money, but you also want it to look better than the other houses on the market.

Achieve a Cohesive Look

Make sure you’ve selected a theme for your design. Do you want your flip to be industrial chic, French countryside, or maybe old world traditional? You need to decide the look you are going for before you begin the project. This will help guide some of your selections. Let’s take one of these styles and apply it to a kitchen project as an example. Industrial chic combines urban elements with raw, weathered woods, exposed beams, and stainless steel accents. This kitchen style example would likely include: modern cabinetry, hardwood countertops, a stainless steel range hood, and simple yet elegant decor. Industrial chic aims to blend the worlds of modern sophistication and reclaimed, vintage charm. This style is becoming popular for urban and rural properties alike. Bottom line – pick a style and stick to it throughout the whole flip.

Get Your Hands Dirty

You probably already know that property rehabs are hard work. Be willing to get your hands dirty and get involved with everything from choosing paint colors to hanging vanities. If you have the budget for a skilled craftsman, there’s no better way to get the job done, but be prepared to step in and do some of it yourself. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the final outcome and then reaping the rewards of your own blood, sweat, and tears. The more work you can do yourself, the better.

So you’ve got the guts to pull off a flip with a major renovation project. Have you got the creativity and vision to nail it? There are many ways to stay within budget while also achieving the look you want, and even being able to splurge on those granite countertops and fabulous crown molding that you’re just dying to install. Remember that inspiration will come, and don’t be afraid to change something out that just doesn’t look right. Search for good deals on paint and flooring, don’t over-personalize the space, and keep in mind your competition.

After you have purchased that diamond in the rough, you’ll need to find inspiration to achieve an exceptional look. Focus on the final product. Each and every piece you select to get there has to fall in line with not only what you want, but primarily what the buyer will want. For help funding your next fix and flip project, contact us today!