Five Home Improvements that are Worth the Investment

If you’re an investor who’s trying to flip a house, you’re going to want to get the best price and a significant return on the renovations you make. To do this, you’ll want to focus on those renovations and updates that buyers will consider most important.

Curb Appeal: To snag the interest of a buyer, you’ll want the outside of your home to look clean, neat, and welcoming. New, green sod for your yard along with trimmed trees and bushes will create a great first impression. If your walkway looks old and cracked, consider putting in a new one. Beautiful pavers, leading up to your porch, will make your home look inviting and classy. A fresh coat of exterior paint is also a must to make sure your house looks its best. Consider setting out pots with flowers to add color to the front of your residence.

Interior Walls: When a buyer first enters your home, freshly painted walls should greet them. Dirt, faded colors, or uneven-looking paint will downgrade the look of your home in a buyer’s eyes. Choose a neutral color for your walls to appeal to the highest number of people. A pure white, creamy beige or medium gray will work well. For a more exciting look, you can select to do an accent wall in one or more rooms. Some favorite colors for accents walls include cinnamon, navy, and pear green. Accent walls look especially lovely in a formal dining area, the central living space, or in the master bedroom.

Flooring: Most buyers look for updated flooring when purchasing a home. The most popular choice for flooring is hardwood or good-quality tile. Many homeowners will want this type of floor throughout the entire house, while some will accept carpeting in the bedrooms. However, if you invest in wood or tile floors in every room and then accent the floors with decorator rugs, you’ll appeal to a good number of potential buyers. If you’re on a budget that won’t allow you to spend this much, opt for a high-quality laminate and then get the best grade that you can afford. Many types of luxury laminates look and feel just like hardwood and are still a noteworthy investment.

Appliances: Newly upgraded items immediately please homebuyers. Nobody wants to purchase a house and then have to spend even more money to replace all of the laundry room and kitchen appliances. When choosing something new, you can’t go wrong with a stainless steel finish. Stainless steel goes with most home styles and decors. However, for smaller kitchens and laundry rooms, glossy white has become quite popular. White makes any area appear spacious, so it’s a good choice for rooms without much square footage.

Countertops: In your kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll want to stay away from a plastic laminate top or machine-made ceramic tiles for the counters. Buyers will spot this cheaper material and cross your home off their list. Invest in marble, quartz, or granite counters. For bathrooms, the investment always pays off because the surface area is usually small, so you don’t need as much material. For a kitchen, the countertops can become pricier. To save a little money, select granite for your countertops and a beautiful maple butcher block for your island to still achieve a chic look.

Investing in just a few renovations and updates in your home, like those listed above, will achieve that quicker sale and get you the price that you want for your property. If you need funding to get started on your flip or to finish the flip you’re currently doing, please contact us today.