House Selling Checklist: Preparing Your Home for Staging

Preparing to sell your house is a big deal. 99% of the time, a home is used casually with a little dust in the corners and a soft ‘lived-in’ feel. However, when you’re selling a home the number one concern is making the house look perfect in every way. This allows your buyers to imagine their lives in the house with no markers of the little domestic truths about the current or previous residents. You want a spotlessly clean, beautifully decorated house to present even if it’s only ever this clean when being sold. This checklist should help you prepare your home for the delicate staging process.

Residence Plans

First and foremost, know where you’re going to be. If it’s an investment property, then you already have a residence elsewhere but if you’re selling your current residence, this process may be a little tricky. Your best option is to have a transition-period residence, otherwise you’ll need to plan for living in a staged house and the occasional buyers touring your home.


Starting with the exterior is easy and convenient if you’re still moving out. At the very least, the yard should be tidy, but landscaping is your opportunity to optimize curb appeal. Consider adding flower beds, border trim, and a few new low-upkeep plants as well as mowing around the tree. Even adding small birdhouse is a nice homey touch.

Exterior Wash and Upkeep

Speaking of curb appeal, it’s time to give the house a bath, even if you haven’t done so since you bought the place. Most homeowners neglect their home’s exteriors but this is the perfect time to rectify that. Start by clearing the gutters, then wash the outside of the house, including the windows and cap the event by calling some siding experts to check for damage. Consider giving the home a fresh coat of paint.

House Number

You may have your house number memorized by now, but your real estate agent and potential buyers do not. A bold, elegantly displayed house number is a great addition to the external appearance of your home. This will help all interested parties find you easily from your street. Make sure to clear away and replace any faded house numbers (like the ones on your mailbox).

Clean The Garage

The garage is often the final victim of disorganized thinking, not to mention things that aren’t quite clean enough to bring into the house. That said, garages are also a great selling point when they’re in good shape. Clear out your garage to the walls and floors and scrub the place down. This may be the right moment for a few new coats of paint. Make sure the garage door opener works as well.

Clear Out The Attic

If you don’t clear the attic now, you may never remember to get all that old furniture and boxes of random stuff. It would be rude to leave it for the next resident and you might miss a few keepsakes later. Clear out the attic of all your old stuff and check it for signs of roof damage, leaks, and infestation while you’re up there.

Renovations, If Any

If you’re going to do renovations, get them done once the area is clear and before you do your final sweep and polish. This is a great time to repaint, update plumbing fixtures, replace drawer and cabinet handles, footboards, and other little things that may have gotten shabby.

Deep Clean

When you’re ready to start preparing for staging, give the house an incredibly deep clean. Clean to the corners, clean the walls, steam clean the carpets until you get nothing but off-white suds, and clean the air vents in the walls as well. Your goal is to make every nook and cranny sparkle.

Pictures and Presentation

Spotlessly clean, updated, and polished your home is now ready to be photographed at it’s best. Your next big step is known as staging, the art of making a home look beautiful in a picture. You’ll be decorating and preparing each room to present it in a way that is especially inviting to buyers

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