How to Choose Paint Colors for a Fix & Flip Project

You have located the perfect house for a fix and flip, secured your fast funding rehab loan, and assembled all of the tools and equipment you need to get started on renovation. Now comes the fun part – choosing paint colors!

Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming. A step into the paint aisle and you may find yourself spending a lot of your rehab loan on buckets of beautiful shades. It is important, then, to go into a paint or hardware store with a plan so you can maximize your fast funding and get every dollar of value out of your rehab loan.

For a fix and flip, neutral colors are often best. You may be tempted to follow the latest and greatest color trends, which is fine for your own home, but for a fix and flip, you should be attempting to create a home that is accessible to anyone, regardless of style or taste. Neutral shades enable potential homeowners to envision their furniture and other possessions fitting into the space, without being distracted by the vivid colors on the walls.

Lots of homeowners want to paint – it is one of the first projects many people take on, to make what used to be a fix and flip feel like their home. By using light, neutral shades, you are making it easier for potential homeowners to add their personalization, as they won’t need to expend time, effort, and money on covering up your bright or dark color choices.

When sorting out paint options for your fix and flip you should also try to choose colors that are timeless, not up-to-the-minute. In case your house does not sell quickly, or if color trends rapidly change, you will want to create a palette that feels ageless.

Select high quality paint that is durable, but do not go over the top buying super-premium paint if it is no better than an inexpensive option.

You can use your fast funding rehab loan wisely by buying paint in bulk, using the same color throughout the home, or across various fix and flip projects if you have more than one on the go. Larger volumes of paint often cost less than buying several smaller buckets, so pick a color that works in numerous rooms and numerous homes and buy a big bucket!

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