Interior Design Trends to Get More Out of a Home

As a residential property investor, you’ll want to improve the properties that you’ve purchased with a minimal amount of investment. It’s essential to select the right kind of design updates to get the best return on your money. If you’re planning renovations, the following interior design trends will add beauty and value to any home.

Paint the Interior – Simply painting the rooms is one of the easiest ways to give a home a fresh and updated look. Neutral colors have become the most common choice. With neutrals, homebuyers have more decorating options. Neutrals also go with any style of home from traditional to contemporary. The most popular neutral color is white. Beige is another excellent color to choose. Gray has become trendy among homeowners, and recently, taupe has also become a stylish selection for interiors, which combines gray with a bit of brown.

Large Kitchen Island – Many homes no longer have breakfast nooks, and eating casual meals in a formal dining room isn’t always comfortable for a family. As such, many homeowners now love to use their kitchen island for serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks to their family. To accommodate a family, a large island with bar stools becomes ideal. A big kitchen island also gives more preparation space for meals and an area for children to do homework and other projects. Opt for a gorgeous quartz countertop for ease of care and durability. A slightly less expensive but elegant choice is marble. Either one will add a chic look to the kitchen.

Bold Powder Room – Because a half-bath is small, decorating choices often seem limited. However, you can design a trendy-looking powder room quite simply. Consider using textured wallpaper in the space to make it stand out and give it a more luxurious look. A raised sink is also a fabulous and fashionable addition. Opt for large floor tiles instead of small ones. Large tiles make a small area feel spacious because it doesn’t look as divided up but more like one continuous space. For powder rooms without a window, you’ll also want brighter lights to make the area feel less claustrophobic.

Home Office – With people working such long hours, an office in any home is a necessity these days. Not all homes have a separate space designated for work though. However, when selling a property, you can stage one of the bedrooms as an office. When you set up an area like this, it lets prospective homebuyers see alternate options on how to use the room. Also, if the bedroom is tiny, an office setup won’t call as much attention to the square footage. Just place a small but attractive desk and a comfortable-looking chair in the room, along with one or two bookcases. Keep the space open and feeling airy so it will appear more spacious than it is.

Freestanding Tub – Consider installing a freestanding tub in the master bathroom. This option has quickly become a favorite design element in today’s homes. Whether you choose a traditional clawfoot tub, a transitional design with ball feet, or a modern style with an apron, you can’t go wrong with updating the bathtub. Built-in spa tubs are nice, but a freestanding design adds grace to the decor and an expensive, custom feeling to a master bathroom. Homebuyers will immediately picture themselves soaking in the tub after a long day and view it as the perfect retreat where they can rid themselves of their stress.

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