Preparing to Fill Out a Loan Application

Even if you’ve filled out a loan application before, you probably feel like just filling out the paperwork is the hardest part of rehab property financing. Dealing with contractors is easy compared with applying for rental property loans. And don’t worry, it’s not just you. But some types of loans are easier to get than others. Here’s a comparison of how financing works through banks and private money lenders.

Private Money Lenders Make it Easy

If you’re applying for an investment loan from a private money lender, you don’t need a credit report. A lot of private money lenders for real estate rely on the value of the property you’re investing in to determine whether or not to give you a rehab or rental property loan. This kind of asset-based loan is ideal if you’re investing in property which you’ll rent or fix and flip. In fact, hard money lenders are experts in this kind of investment and can be a huge help as you determine the value and potential value of the property you hope to buy.

Banks Require Personal and Professional Details

On the other hand, as a borrower for a traditional loan, you’ve got to have your details in order. That includes your years in school, a former address if you’ve moved within the past two years, and information about your family, including marital status and any dependents. Be ready with employment details, employers name, address, and contact info, job title, length of time at the job, and length of time doing similar work or in the same industry – for each job you do. It can be quite overwhelming!

Banks Want Financial Details

You’ll need a monthly income average, including bonuses, interest or dividends, net rent, pension, child support, alimony, and overtime. You’ll also need all expenses, including monthly taxes, any mortgages, and all types of insurance. You’ll need an estimate of how much the new property will cost, including rent, mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.

Banks Require a Breakdown of Assets and Liabilities

Assets should include just about everything, as long as it’s relevant. Definitely know how much you have in liquid assets, which includes checking and savings accounts as well as any stocks or bonds. Life insurance and retirement investments may or may not be important, depending on the amount you have saved. Any cars and businesses will be factored into your net worth as well. The majority of liabilities will be included in your credit report, which is required from banks giving investment property loans.

Filling out loan applications is hard even for loan officers. It takes a lot of time and energy and information gathering to get it right, and any little mistake can cause a huge delay. With hard money lenders who focus on investment property lending, you’ll get the financing you need more quickly and without all the required documentation that traditional lenders require, and a lot less hassle!

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