The News Is In-2016 Outlook for USA Residential Real Estate Sector Pinpoints Hot Spots for Investors

An informed house flipper is a profitable house flipper. Keeping abreast of the current market climate is the best way to ensure success. With that in mind, the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a non-profit research and education organization founded in 1936 and currently made up of over 36,000 members, recently released its comprehensive projection of the 2016 housing market called “Emerging Trends in Real Estate®“.

Chock full of valuable information for real estate investors, the report contains detailed insights about market trends on the horizon in both the U.S. and Canada. Here is a quick look at the 2016 Outlook for the residential real estate sector in several top U.S. locales:

Everything Is Bigger in Texas

According to ULI, Dallas/Fort Worth takes the top spot for hot properties in America for 2016. A business-friendly environment and a favorable cost of living combine to produce strong job markets there, attracting record numbers of millennials looking to make their mark in the housing market and the community in general.

Coming in at number two, Austin is still showing signs of strong investment potential as well. Its multi-generational appeal and diverse job markets make it an attractive city for people of many income levels, creating a strong pool of prospective buyers for fix and flippers.

Number 20 on the list, the San Antonio housing market appears strong for both single family and multi-family properties, making it an attractive draw for real estate investors of all kinds.

With three areas in the top twenty 2016 emerging real estate markets, Texas is holding its own as a flipper paradise.

North Carolina Markets on the Rise

With two urban areas in the top twenty, North Carolina real estate investment shows signs of sustainability. Holding the number three spot behind Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, Charlotte is showing both good job and population growth. Charlotte is also investing in its infrastructure, expanding urban areas rapidly in response to demand. This makes housing Charlotte’s strongest sector for 2016.

Raleigh/Durham shows up in the mix as number eleven. With strong educational opportunities and an ever-expanding technology industry, this area is an increasingly appealing place to live. Like Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham is investing in its infrastructure, attracting a fresh crop of prospective buyers on the real estate scene.

Florida Making a Comeback

While only one Florida city makes the top twenty list, the state as a whole continues to show signs of real estate resurgence. Miami comes in at nineteen on ULI’s list, with strong growth in both population and income. Other Florida cities like Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach all show signs of new life in the real estate sector, giving flippers much to choose from in this lush state.

California’s Strong Showing

California’s markets appear to be bouncing back after the housing market collapse, with five areas in the top twenty. San Francisco comes in at number eight, with strong indications that single-family property investment will reach high levels in 2016. Los Angeles, at number ten on ULI’s list, is likely to see a resurgence in multi-family property investment as the population continues to grow. At number twelve, San Jose’s technology industry makes its housing market attractive with a large number of prospective buyers.

Orange County, arguably one of the hardest hit areas of the country when the housing market bottomed out, is showing signs of resurgence with small businesses taking a strong hold on the retail market and shows up as number fourteen. San Diego’s strong local economy, bolstered by its high concentration of life science and technology industries, enjoys the sixteenth spot on ULI’s list. Demand for single-family and multi-family properties continues to be strong.

Signs of Favorable Conditions Across the Country

Some other areas of interest for flippers for 2016 are:

  • Seattle, WA (at number four)
  • Atlanta, GA (at number five)
  • Denver, CO (at number six)
  • Nashville, TN (at number seven)
  • Portland, OR (at number nine)
  • Boston, MA (at number thirteen)
  • Manhattan, NY (at number fifteen)
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul (at number eighteen)

It is clear that flippers have much from which to choose for 2016, as nationwide the housing market continues to show signs of recovery. Since market conditions are currently favorable for investors, now is the time to develop a good relationship with a professional hard money lender. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your 2016 investments.

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