Top Rehab Skills to Master for a Successful Fix and Flip

In order to rehab the inside of a house and then resell it, there are certain skills that are essential to master in order to save money on your project and get the job done within the required timeframe. Luckily, these are mostly cosmetic jobs, and they are often the jobs that make the biggest difference in terms of the look and feel of a property.

Let’s have a quick look around the house and see what you should be able to do in each part of the house.


In the kitchen, you are going to want to be able to remove and reinstall cabinetry. Sometimes this is not even necessary, and you can get away with a coat of paint and some new hardware. The main skills you will need to master, other than choosing the new look, will be measuring, and basic carpentry skills.

Many shops now offer free access to drafting software to help you guarantee that the pieces you will order and install will be a perfect fit – take advantage of these opportunities!

Bedrooms & Main Living Areas

In the bedrooms and living areas, you will want to make sure you are able to remove wall paper (if necessary), apply new wallpaper (if you decide to), and paint. All of these tasks require more preparation than execution, so keep that in mind. It may seem painstaking at first, but the preparation is what will guarantee a professional-looking end product.

Nowadays, it is very popular to have one wall in the bedroom or living area as a ‘feature wall’. This wall will be painted a bold color, or covered in striking wallpaper. The surrounding walls compliment the feature wall with more subtle tones and textures.

You will also want to update light fixtures. This is an easy fix that can drastically transform almost any room.


Bathrooms can be spruced up in a number of simple ways. Tiles can be painted, with special paint and covered with epoxy. Sinks can also be swapped out, as can cabinetry. Sometimes, the simple act of changing the bathroom mirror can result in a transformative effect. These are all things that you can do, that require limited tools, non-technical knowledge, and that have the potential to significantly alter the space.

Have fun with the rehab projects! You will be amazed to discover the skills you have that you never knew existed.

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