Trendy Exterior Colors for Your House Flip

When flipping a home, you always want to make a fabulous first impression. Since the exterior of a residence is the first view a potential buyer sees, you should strive for a trendy-looking paint job and coordinating features. When selecting the exterior colors, you need to consider the walls, trim, window frames, roof, and also the color of the door. You’ll want to appeal to the type of buyer for your neighborhood, stay relatively neutral, as well as match the style of the home for the best result.


Rustic Home Colors
If the home you’re flipping has a rustic or country architectural style to it, you will want to highlight natural colors and materials for the best look. Try a pure white or cream-colored paint on the exterior walls for a bright, clean appearance. For the house trim, you should stay with a natural wood such as cedar for the perfect look. A solid front door and window frames also in natural wood that match will keep the light-colored paint from looking too stark. A white or very light beige color for the roof won’t detract from all of the gorgeous wood and will work well to showcase the style of the home.


Traditional Home Colors
For houses with a classic look and feel, beige walls on the exterior are always a safe choice. However, beige does not have to look dull. To give the home a less bland appearance, match this paint with a rich dark brown for the trim. A deep brown color or even a rustic red for the front door will also look excellent. Choose cream-colored window frames to keep the exterior looking clean and to coordinate with the rest of the colors. For the roof, a lovely tan color will bring everything together for a sophisticated result that everyone looking for a traditionally-styled home will appreciate.


Contemporary Home Colors
For houses with a modern flair, light gray on the exterior walls will appeal to buyers and remains one of the most popular color choices for homes today. Dark gray trim will give the house a chic look that people of all generations will love. A taupe-colored front door will coordinate well. Choose white window frames to lighten up the appearance and call attention to the architecture of the residence. You can even add exterior shutters in white for a fabulous look. Choose a charcoal-colored roof that will match the contemporary style. These choices will complete the look and help to make your flip appear more updated and trendy than other homes in the neighborhood.


Transitional Home Colors
In neighborhoods with eclectic looking homes that are neither traditional nor contemporary in style, try deep blue exterior walls for an eye-catching result. To brighten the look, light gray or even white trim will work well to create an attractive appearance. With gray trim, you should choose black window frames for a classy look. With white trim, opt for white window frames for a refined appearance. To make the home pop, choose a green or even a yellow front door. If you prefer a more subdued look, match your door color with the trim. A gray roof will coordinate well with the blue paint and trim color to create a stylish look that homebuyers will love.


Flipping a home can be profitable and even fun, whether you’re flipping one or several. Appeal to the type of buyer you’re trying to attract with smart exterior choices to get more people interested in looking at your home’s interior design. If you need help funding your next flip, please contact us today.