Use Paint for a Quick Change That Makes a Property Pop

If you’ve chosen a home that needs a lot of foundation repair, walls knocked out, or a great deal of upgrading, then the bulk of the estimated budget will go to these projects. But making the home visually appealing is also important, and the best way to give the whole property a new look (especially to blend new features with older structures) is with a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior of the house. It may seem like an easy answer, but here are the absolute essentials that bring in more prospective buyers:

How to Expertly Paint the House Exterior

The outside of the home is the first anyone will ever see. Guests, friends, and potential buyers will get an impression of the home from the color and quality of the paint job just like with any other first impression. If you’ve been thinking about having the exterior of the home repainted, here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the color:

  • Pick an exterior color that matches what you can’t change. You can’t change the color of the neighbor’s house and the neighborhood’s architectural style; you also can’t change the bricks or shingle colors unless you’re willing you add additional expenses. Instead, look for warm or cool tones around the property that will support your color choice. Even if you want features of the home to stand out, the whole thing needs to fit in.
  • Choose a contrasting trim. Accent colors should usually be dark if the house is mostly light, or vice versa, and this is your chance to pick a bold, unique color because it won’t be overwhelming. This can be the color for the home’s edging, doors, or shutters (or a combination of any of them if the color isn’t too bold).
  • Paint the door to make it pop. One of the most popular, and successful, ways to increase the house’s curb appeal is to paint the door a bright color. This draws attention to the house when potential homebuyers are driving down the street, and making the house stand out is a great way to draw in buyers.
  • Consider the benefits of light colors. Even though lighter paints may mean you need to pay more attention to dirt on the siding or trim, white or light paint can make the exterior of the home look bigger. It can also reduce the energy bill, in case you decide to rent, because it doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker paints. Ultimately, you should pick a color palette for the exterior of the home that matches the property.

What about the house’s interior? 

  • Potential homebuyers pay attention to bathrooms and kitchens more than any other rooms in a house. Make sure the kitchen looks sharp by adding a new coat of paint. Depending on you cabinetry’s material, add a fresh layer of stain or paint on a wood finish to make the kitchen even more appealing. The same tips apply to the bathroom. Choose a light paint color that makes the bathrooms look large and airy, and make sure the cabinets have a new finish.
  • Hire a professional to paint your walls in high-traffic rooms. No matter what type of texture, how dark the original color is, or how many nooks and crannies the walls have, professional painters can get the job done quickly and without getting paint on the floors or fixtures. If you are about to sell the home, the saved time and added quality of a new, consistent paint job make it more than worth it.

Getting the home ready to sell is about making it look as attractive and new as possible, and nothing says that better (or more easily) than a fresh coat of paint. Contact Center Street Lending for help with your next fix and flip project.