Ways to Make Your House Flip Stand Out

Lots of people are flipping homes nowadays. To get a faster sale at a better price than your competitors, you’ll want your flip to stand out from the crowd. To do this, you can add features to your home that many won’t even think about doing. Some involve a bit of an investment, while others require more imagination and good taste than substantial cost.

Architectural Details

Homes with added architectural details will always draw more interest than homes with standard designs. One great idea is to install beadboard in the kitchen as your backsplash. You can also put it on the ceiling in your living area or in a bedroom between exposed beams. Beadboard looks stylish in front of a built-in tub too and will add a chic look to your master bathroom. Crown molding is another excellent architectural detail to add to a home. Include it in your formal dining room to give the space an elegant appearance. You can also add it to the tops of your kitchen cabinets to make the room look higher and detailed. Another idea is to include a framed archway in your home from the entry into the central living space or from the living area into a hallway. An arched entryway without any embellishment can look dated, but a framed one will add a trendy appearance to your space. Choose a frame in the color and design that matches the home’s style best.

Built-In Appliances

Another feature that will wow any potential homebuyer is an upgraded kitchen that includes appliances built right into the cabinetry. For example, you can match the range hood to the rest of the cabinets. To give it a genuinely classy look, just add a few decorative touches. You can also build-in the dishwasher so that it’s almost invisible among the kitchen cabinets. This design creates a seamless appearance in any kitchen which will make your space look cohesive. Depending on your home’s layout, condider including a built-in refrigerator. This feature is a favorite with homebuyers. With a recessed fridge, nothing sticks out in the room, so it keeps the design lines straight and makes the kitchen look a lot larger. If you can hide the refrigerator inside beautiful cabinetry, you’ll create a luxurious appearance that everyone will love.

Upgraded Lighting

Don’t overlook the lighting features when you’re trying to sell a home. A potential homebuyer will immediately notice if these features are of low-quality and will soon need replacing. Install a stunning chandelier in the entryway to make the best first impression on people touring the home. Lighting with wrought iron or a brushed nickel design is an excellent choice. In the living room, recessed lighting will give the area a contemporary look that everyone will appreciate. In the kitchen, include gorgeous pendant lighting over the island to add more flair to the room. You’ll want to make sure that you include enough lighting in the formal dining room to turn that space into an entertainer’s dream. Also, anyplace in the house where you see dark corners, consider installing one or more wall sconces to illuminate the area. By including additional lighting to brighten up a home, you’ll make it look more open, airy and welcoming.

If you’re a residential investor who’s flipping a residence, consider including one or more of the above features in your home. For flippers who need help funding upcoming renovations, please contact us today. We can assist you by financing your project with the right loans, so that you’re able to get started as soon as possible.