Ways to Transform a Shabby House Into a Quick Flip – Pt 2

[Part 2…]

Upgrade the Fixtures
Now that the walls and floors are taken care of, examine the quality of the fixtures. Both light fixtures and plumbing fixtures can make a serious impression on buyers about the age and quality of a home. And they are remarkably easy to replace if you know what you’re doing.

If the plumbing fixtures in the home are chipped and cheap-looking, inconveniently sized, or just outdated take a visit to your local hardware store and pick out a set that would look great with your vision of the final project. Stainless steel and dark bronze are currently quite popular finishes.

Light fixtures are a little more complex, but you can completely transform the look of a room by replacing an old shabby light fixture with something new and modern. Choose your fixture carefully and supply them with energy-efficient LED bulbs for a special touch that is both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly.

Staining and Refinishing
In many shabby homes, there are cabinets, shelves, and other woodwork that has clearly seen better days. The good news is that you don’t have to rip out and replace scuffed and discolored wood pieces as long as they are still sturdy well-fitted. The key here is to re-stain and refinish anything that is a natural wood tone and to repaint anything that was once painted.

Staining wood items is easiest of you detach them from their mounted position, but is not always necessary. Start by stripping away the previous finish then carefully and evenly applying your new stain over the surface. Complete the project by sealing the items with a clear finish. The sealant is very important, otherwise your stain will come off every time someone tries to clean by running a wet sponge over their cabinets.

Replace the Molding
Molding from decade to decade is surprisingly distinct and can take a lot of abuse. Baseboards, in particular, are essentially the kick-guards for gypsum walls and molding around the ceiling and doorways will slowly become discolored with everything that floats in the air inside the house. Including cigarette smoke and cooking grease. If you’re up for some additional carpentry, replacing the molding can subtly change the era the home appears to have been built in and can freshen up the appearance of every room.

This step is also more convenient when combined with repainting the walls and replacing any carpet. Removing molding will allow you to paint to the edges so that your sealed paint will extend completely beneath where the molding will be reinstalled. And since you have to pull up the baseboards anyway for a clean carpet install, this is a great opportunity to either restore or replace them.

Install New Appliances
The age and quality of the home appliances will tell buyers a lot about a house. Shabby kitchen appliances tell buyers that a house is old and they will potentially have problems with other less obvious appliances like the water heater and AC. New appliances, on the other hand, speak volumes about how enjoyable and convenient it will be to live in a house.

If the home’s shabbiness extends to the appliances, seriously consider replacing them. Buyers love new appliances and this upgrade along can significantly increase your selling price.

With these improvements, you can efficiently transform a shabby home that looks like a stained pile of junk into a cozy home that buyers will be clamoring for. Don’t let grime, discoloration, and outdated features kill your flip. Instead, use our techniques to make the home both beautiful and incredibly profitable. For more information about funding your next flip, contact us today!