Which Rehab Projects Offer the Greatest Returns on Investment?

As a lender, we see a lot of ideas about how a house can be fixed up and flipped for maximum profit. Some ideas are much better than others. The things that you may think add tremendous value are not always the best investments for individuals hoping to renovate and make a big profit. The problem with those ‘big ideas’ is that they often cost big money. It turns out that the most profitable investments are also the safest. The long term quality and dependability of your rehab should be your primary focus.

Bringing a Property Up to Standard

The first thing to remember is that if a property is below the neighborhood or city standard, you’re going to be investing more than just upgrades. You’re making sure that the basics are in place. Buyers will avoid a house with a leaky roof, cracked retaining walls, or weak and cheap floors or walls. And anyone interested in the only home on the block without air conditioning or a garage is only going to buy if the property is significantly cheaper. Start by making sure the property compares to the rest of the properties in town.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Old or outdated kitchens are a turn off for buyers who are willing to pay top dollar. Again, if you don’t upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, you’re basically offering a discount to a buyer who is thinking of doing that work on their own. If you want buyers to see value in a home, don’t give them reasons to look for work they’re going to have to do.

Front Door Replacement

The front door is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal on the exterior of the home. A solid, fireproof, soundproof front door will look great and update the look of the whole front of the house. It’s not a huge investment to install a new front door and the return is ofter more than 100% of the cost.

Add a Deck

There are very few amenities that we can recommend for most rehab projects. A pool, for example, is a terrible investment unless every other home in the city has one. They’re expensive and the return is rarely worth the work. But a deck is consistently valued highly and can be done well without spending a fortune. Exterior space adds to the overall useable space of a home, which makes it feel like a luxurious extension.

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